How to dispute a Vodacom Debit Order

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Dealing with disputed debit orders requires a clear understanding of the process, especially when it comes to major service providers like Vodacom. Here’s a concise guide on how to dispute a Vodacom debit order:

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1. DebiCheck Mandate Approval:

  • Vodacom will only debit your account through the DebiCheck debit order process if the DebiCheck mandate is approved by the Bank Account Holder.
  • Ensure that you are aware of and have consented to the DebiCheck mandate before disputing any transactions.

2. Contacting Customer Care:

  • Reach out to Vodacom’s customer care for assistance with debit order disputes.
  • Dial 135 on your cellphone to connect with customer care agents.
  • Alternatively, send an email to detailing your concerns.

3. Payment Arrangements:

  • For payment arrangements or to address arrears:
    • Log in to My Vodacom and process a debit order re-submission.
    • Submit a ‘promise to pay,’ making a commitment to pay by a specific date.
    • On your Vodacom cellphone, dial *135# and select ‘Services,’ then ‘Arrears Self Help.’
    • SMS the code ‘ARR’ to 31050.
    • Utilize Vodacom WhatsApp by saving 082 009 8624 and reaching out.

Navigating the Vodacom debit order dispute process is streamlined through various channels, ensuring that customers can address concerns promptly. Whether it’s through direct contact with customer care, online platforms like My Vodacom, or utilizing SMS services, Vodacom offers multiple avenues for customers to manage and resolve debit order-related issues.