How to Find DStv Signal Using a Cellphone

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Your DStv Dish should face in a specific direction to ensure you get the best signal, and when you know how to find DStv signal using phone, you can make the connection easily. Dstv is on the North East 36 degrees with the frequency & rate to be (12245 H 27500).

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You will need to download the recommended application from Multichoice onto your phone. Search for the Satellite Director application on Android and iOS and install it into your device. Once installed, you will have to allow it to access your location to detect it using GPS and place it on the map more accurately.

How to Find DStv Signal Using the Satellite Director app

  1. Open the App: Launch the signal finder app on your phone.
  2. Select DStv Satellite: Choose the DStv satellite you’re using. This information is typically available in your setup menu or can be found online.
  3. Point Your Phone Towards the Sky: Hold your phone horizontally and point it towards the general direction of the satellite.
  4. Slowly Rotate Your Phone: Begin rotating your phone in a 360-degree motion. The app will display signal strength in real-time, helping you pinpoint the optimal orientation.
  5. Peak Signal Strength: As you rotate your phone, watch for the point where the signal strength peaks. This indicates the ideal direction for your satellite dish.
  6. Fix Dish Alignment: Armed with this information, adjust your satellite dish to align it with the optimal direction you found on the app.
  7. Monitor Signal Strength: Continue to use the app to monitor signal strength. Make small adjustments to the dish as needed for the strongest signal.
  8. Lock in Position: Once you’ve achieved the best signal strength, secure your dish in position to maintain a stable connection.