How to get proof of residency from Capitec app

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You can get  proof of residency from Capitec app without visiting the bank. The Capitec app is a game-changer, offering users the ability to obtain proof of residency without the need to step foot inside a bank. The process is not only efficient but also remarkably straightforward, providing a stamped bank statement that serves as a valid proof of residence

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Get a stamped bank statement which you can use as a proof of residence from the Capitec app.
  • Choose Save
  • Select the relevant account
  • Select Email Statement
  • Select the date range and enter your email address
  • Tick that you accept the agreement.
  • Send.

As customers increasingly seek hassle-free banking experiences, the Capitec app’s innovation in simplifying essential tasks like obtaining proof of residency is a noteworthy stride towards meeting these expectations. In conclusion, Capitec not only facilitates financial transactions but also empowers users with the tools to manage documentation conveniently, affirming its commitment to a banking experience that keeps pace with the evolving needs of its clientele. You can also find out How to get a Capitec Bank confirmation letter