How to keep the fridge cold during load shedding

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Refrigerators are low energy demand appliances. They are designed to be highly insulated and only have to provide enough energy to get to the set point temperature. After that they just “coast” to maintain the temperature. Critical foods such as meat and dairy products are very sensitive to elevated temperatures in terms of bacterial growth and will spoil in hours if above recommended storage temperatures.

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What to do with fridge during load shedding

One very easy and doable way of maintaining the coldness in your fridge during a power outage is to keep distance and away from the fridge. Do not open it often. By staying away and far out of arm’s length reach, you can avoid the temptations of opening the refrigerator doors, which will enable the cold temperature to stay longer inside.

Do you do anything to minimize the temperature lose in the fridge for instance if you buy a chunk of block ice an put it on the top shelf it will slow down the temperature rise inside the fridge. We did that successfully during a local power outage.

During short outages up to three or four hours, keep the refrigerator doors closed to hold in the cold. If you experience longer outages, buy a small generator and a heavy-duty extension cord to power your refrigerator. That investment can cost less than the cost of having all of your refrigerated and frozen food spoil.