How to replace a lost Road To Health Clinic Card

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If a Road To Health Clinic Card for your child is lost or destroyed, the mother can get a new card, marked as a duplicate and all the old information is transferred into the new card.

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A Road to Health booklet (often called the Baby Card, Clinic Card, or Health Card) is a booklet that is issued to every new mother in South Africa when her baby is born, whether in a private or state hospital service. If your baby is born elsewhere (such as a home birth), you will be given the card when you visit the clinic, doctor, or hospital with your baby for the first time. It is designed to keep track of your baby’s healthcare needs and is a very helpful tool for healthcare workers and a source of important information for caregivers. The card also keeps a record of the next time your baby needs to visit the clinic for immunisation.

When you get a new replacement card, all available information must be entered. The mother should be asked whether the infant has been immunised and which immunisations have been given. If the mother can give a good account of her child’s immunisations or if they are recorded in the clinic records, these should be entered in the new card and do not need to be repeated. If she is uncertain of the child’s immunisation history, the missing immunisations should be repeated. It is not dangerous to repeat an immunisation, provided that the child is not too old.

How to get a replacement Road To Health Clinic Card

  1. Go to your nearest police station and get a stamped and signed affidavit confirming that your child’s Road to Health booklet was lost, stolen or  destroyed.
  2. Take the affidavit, your ID, and the child’s birth certificate to the clinic where your baby was born, or the health facility that has most recently been seeing or treating your child. If you can’t get to a police station for an affidavit, take your ID and the baby’s birth certificate to the clinic or health facility your child has most recently visited.
  3. At the clinic, ask for your child’s folder. This contains all the information that is also in the Road to Health booklet. Ask them to issue you with a new Road to Health booklet. They will then transfer the information from the folder into the new booklet, and you should tell them about any new information that needs to be included
  4.  If you have recently moved and your baby or child has not yet attended a clinic in the area, go to your nearest clinic and give them your ID number. From this, they should be able to trace your child’s folder to the last clinic you visited. Each folder is numbered and linked to the mother’s ID number.
Road to Health card
Road to Health card

How to get my child’s immunization records online

Road To Health Digital App

The Road To Health Digital App is  official South African National Department of Health’s digital version of the road to health book given to pregnant moms to record the growth of their baby and immunisations.

If your child does not have a clinic card, you are still allowed to request medical treatment from a clinic, whether you have the booklet with you or not.