How to reverse and stop a debit order using the ABSA Banking app

You can reverse and stop debit orders via an ABSA branch, ABSA Baking App or Online Banking. Please note debit orders older than 40 days cannot be reversed on the app. The limit for an in-app debit order reversal is R500. Should you need to reverse a higher amount, please forward a request to or visit your nearest branch.  If you choose to only reverse a debit order, you will not be able to stop future payments online.

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Using the ABSA Banking App to reverse a debit order

  1. Logon to the Absa Banking App
  2. Tap Menu in the bottom right of your screen
  3. Tap Debit orders
  4. Select the account that was used to make the debit order payment
    Under Recent debit orders tap on the debit order you would like to reverse
  5. View Transaction details
    Tap Reverse Payment
  6. Read the Important Information and tap Next
  7. Select a Reason for reversal
    Accept the acknowledgement
    Tap Reverse payment
  8. Accept the verification request that pops up
  9. Debit order is successfully reversed
    Tap Done

To permanently put a stop to a debit order, a stop payment instruction can be given and, after it has been active for six months, the debit order will be considered cancelled.