How to stop SS Legal and Medical Debit Order

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You can dispute a dispute SS Legal Cover Debit order with your bank. If the entity that is deducting money from your bank account does not have your authority to deduct money from your account, your bank can and must reverse the debit order.

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Each time the debit order is deducted, you will have to report it as fraud with your bank and instruct the bank to reverse the debit order.  You must also instruct your bank to obtain the authority from the SS LECOV company in terms of which they are authorised and entitled to take money from your bank account.

If this fails, I suggest that you close your bank account.  That way the debit order cannot be deducted from the account.

To dispute a debit order with Capitec Bank, you can do the following:

How to stop SS Legal and Medical Debit Order Through the Capitec app

  1. Open the Capitec app and sign in.
  2. Tap on “Transact”.
  3. Tap on “Debit Orders”.
  4. Enter your secret Remote PIN to sign in.
  5. Select the debit order you want to dispute from the list.
  6. >Tap on “Dispute Debit Order”.
  7. Select a reason for the dispute from the list.
  8. Tap on “Submit”.

Once you have submitted your dispute, Capitec Bank will investigate the matter. If they find that the debit order was unauthorized or incorrect, they will reverse the debit order and refund your money.