Sanlam Whatsapp Number

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Sanlam provides a convenient WhatsApp channel that enables you to access vital information about your investments, including checking your investment balance, retrieving tax certificates, and viewing investor statements. This channel is designed to offer quick access to your financial data and answer frequently asked questions. Here’s how you can get started and access Sanlam’s WhatsApp channel:

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1. Save the Contact: Begin by adding Sanlam’s WhatsApp number, 0860 100 266, to your phone’s contact list. This step ensures that you can easily find and initiate contact with Sanlam.

2. Start a Chat: Once the contact is saved, open WhatsApp on your mobile device. Locate the Sanlam contact and initiate a chat by typing “Hi” and sending the message. This is the first step to get started with the WhatsApp service.

3. Choose Your Device: Depending on your preference and convenience, you can access Sanlam’s WhatsApp service through your cellphone or WhatsApp Web. Select the option that suits your needs.

By following these simple steps, you can efficiently access your investment information through Sanlam’s WhatsApp channel, making it a convenient way to stay informed about your financial matters while on the go.