SASSA cardless cash withdrawal

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Sassa cardless cash withdrawal at Shoprite, Usave, Pick n Pay, and Boxer.  Grant beneficiaries whose Sassa cards have expired, or are soon to expire can collect the Sassa grants using the Sassa cardless withdrawal method.

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To use this new payment method, Sassa beneficiaries just need to bring their ID document and Sassa/Postbank card PIN to any of the participating retailers.

At the till point, they will be asked to validate their identity and enter their cellphone number, and then enter their PIN to receive their payment.

Sassa cardless cash withdrawal at Shoprite, Usave, Pick n Pay, and Boxer

Follow these simple steps when withdrawing social grants at participating retailers:

  • Take along your ID document, cellphone and/ or Sassa/Post bank gold card.
  • Go to the till point and provide your ID and cellphone number to the cashier to verify your identity as a grant recipient.
  • A confirmation message will be sent to your cellphone (you do not need airtime for this).
  • Enter your Sassa/Postbank gold card PIN number.
  • The cashier will give you the amount of money requested.

Cashless ATM is available in spaza shops where a SASSA social grant beneficiary will:

  • Insert their SASSA card inside the ATM card slot and use their SASSA card Pin to initiate a transaction (in the same manner as they initiate a transaction from any other bank ATM)
  • Select an amount they request to be debited on their SASSA card.
  • If the debit is successful, the cashless ATM will print out two slips (A merchant and customer) confirming the debit.
  • The customer will hand over the merchant slip to the spaza shop, and in exchange, the merchant will give the customer cash or goods to the value of the withdrawal.

SASSA Cashless ATM cannot do SASSA cardless withdrawal. For you to be able to do SASSA cardless withdrawal, you need to open a bank account with a bank which will allow you to do the cardless cash withdrawal.