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Supreme Finance Strand, Western Cape is as a reliable financial partner, offering swift solutions with their Quick Payday Loans to address immediate cash needs. Catering to diverse financial requirements, individuals can access Personal Loans of up to R20,000, inclusive of essential features such as credit life insurance, prepaid airtime, and electricity. At Supreme Finance, inclusivity is paramount, welcoming pensioners and providing a range of financial products, including Small Loans, Quick Loans, Personal Loans, and Payday Loans.

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This establishment recognizes the financial challenges many face, extending support with Loans for Bad Credit, affirming their commitment to serving the community’s diverse needs. Specializing in Short-Term Loans across South Africa, Supreme Finance ensures Same Day Emergency Loans, embodying efficiency and reliability for those seeking immediate financial assistance.

Requirements for loan Application

  •  SA ID Green book / ID Smart Card
  • Latest Payslip (Weekly 4 payslips, Fortnightly 2 payslips and Monthly 1 latest payslip)
  • Latest 3 Months Bank Statement

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