Tymebank SASSA Grant Early Access

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Tymebank SASSA Early Access is an interest-free early grant access to grant recipients before the grant payment date to help them make ends meet.

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Grant beneficiaries whose grants are paid into a TymeBank EveryDay Account can access R500 from their grant before the grant payment date. Grant Advance can generally be accessed during the last 10 days of the month, but it will not be accessible during the first 15 days.

Account holders do not pay additional fees or interest, provided the advanced amount is repaid when the next grant payment is received from Sassa. Whatever money was withdrawn will be deducted from the EveryDay account when the account holder receives the grant payment from SASSA.

How to get Tymebank SASSA Early Access

Grant recipients who would like use Grant Advance can switch their social grant payments to TymeBank by opening a TymeBank Everyday account, downloading a TymeBank proof of account letter or statement using the App or internet banking and visiting their nearest Sassa office to change their banking details.

If their banking details are captured and processed by SASSA before the 15th of the month, the next grant payment will be paid into the selected TymeBank account.