Gauteng e-toll fees 2022

Gauteng’s e-toll tariffs are summarised in the table below from 1 March 2022. Discounts still apply at specific toll plazas for frequent users and qualifying local users.

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Funds received from toll fees are used to maintain, operate, improve toll roads, and service debt associated with the implementation of a toll road project.

Gauteng e-toll fees 2022
Route Gantry Number Gantry Name Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4
1 Barbet R2.50 R4.17 R10.41 R20.83
2 Mossie R2.50 R4.17 R10.41 R20.83
3 Indlazi R2.42 R4.04 R10.10 R20.20
4 Pikoko R2.42 R4.04 R10.10 R20.20
5 Ivusi R2.30 R3.83 R9.58 R19.16
6 Flamingo R2.30 R3.83 R9.58 R19.16
7 Ihobe R2.80 R4.67 R11.66 R23.33
8 Sunbird R2.80 R4.67 R11.66 R23.33
N1 9 Tarentaal R2.15 R3.58 R8.96 R17.91
10 Blouvalk R2.15 R3.58 R8.96 R17.91
11 Owl R2.67 R4.45 R11.13 R22.26
12 Pelican R2.67 R4.45 R11.13 R22.26
13 King Fisher R2.37 R3.96 R9.89 R19.79
14 Ukhozi R2.37 R3.96 R9.89 R19.79
15 Fiscal R2.10 R3.50 R8.75 R17.50
16 Stork R2.10 R3.50 R8.75 R17.50
17 Ilowe R0.50 R0.83 R2.08 R4.17
18 Leeba R1.80 R3.00 R7.50 R15.00
19 Ibis R1.80 R3.00 R7.50 R15.00
20 Kiewiet R1.92 R3.21 R8.02 R16.04
N3 21 Kwikkie R1.85 R3.21 R8.02 R16.04
22 Starling R2.05 R3.42 R8.54 R17.08
23 Rooivink R2.05 R3.42 R8.54 R17.08
24 Mpshe R1.65 R2.75 R6.87 R13.75
25 Oxpecker R1.65 R2.75 R6.87 R13.75
28 Phakwe R1.85 R3.08 R7.71 R15.41
29 Thaha R2.62 R4.37 R10.93 R21.87
30 Lenong R2.80 R4.67 R11.66 R23.33
31 Lekgwaba R2.02 R3.37 R8.44 R16.87
N12 32 Loerie R2.75 R4.58 R11.46 R22.91
33 Gull R2.75 R4.58 R11.46 R22.91
34 Ilanda R2.02 R3.37 R8.44 R16.87
35 Bee-Eater R2.02 R3.37 R8.44 R16.87
37 Hadeda R2.02 R3.37 R8.44 R16.87
38 Ntsu R2.02 R3.37 R8.44 R16.87
39 Heron R2.47 R4.12 R10.30 R20.60
40 Bluecrane R2.47 R4.12 R10.30 R20.60
R21 41 Swael R3.50 R5.83 R14.58 R29.16
42 Letata R3.36 R5.83 R14.58 R29.16
43 Swan R2.87 R4.79 R11.98 R23.95
44 Weaver R2.87 R4.79 R11.98 R23.95
45 Hornbill R1.52 R2.54 R6.35 R12.71
N12 47 Ugaga R2.30 R3.83 R9.58 R19.16