How to apply for a NSFAS Laptop 2023

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NSFAS-funded students enrolled in public Universities and TVET colleges can apply for a Laptop from  through a student Digital Learning Device Online Order portal .

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Who qualifies for a NSFAS laptop?

  • Only students who are currently funded by NSFAS can order the laptop.
  • Students must be registered to study at a public university or TVET College
  • Students must sign the T&C’s when ordering the laptop
  • Students must have NOT previously received a laptop from their university or TVET College

Who does NOT qualify for a NSFAS laptop?

  • Students who are not currently funded by NSFAS
  • Students who have already received a laptop from their tertiary institute
  • Students who receive laptops in their enrolment package
  • Students who have not signed the T&C’s when ordering the laptop
  • TVET Colleges students in Trimester 1 students

  Do I have to pay for the laptop or is it free?

The laptop will be deducted from students learning material allowance. The current learning material allowance is R5 200 per year, to be used towards textbooks, devices and other required study materials. Therefore, students should choose between a laptop or textbooks, as the allowance is not enough to cover both.

What type of laptop will I receive?
Students will be given 3 options when ordering laptops – if the one they wish to order is unavailable, they should monitor the NSFAS website regularly until the laptop is available.

How do I order a NSFAS laptop?

1) Visit the NSFAS website
2) Go to myNSFAS
3) Go to Order NSFAS laptop online
4) Fill in your ID number
5) Fill in any additional information (student number, name of the institution and campus you are registered at, contact details and home address)
6) Agree to the T&C’s

How will I get my NSFAS laptop?
After placing your order for the laptop (following the steps above) and you have passed all the necessary checks, NSFAS will contact you to collect your laptop at the campus you are registered at.