How to check the status of Police Clearance Certificate Online in South Africa

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If you find yourself in urgent need of a Police Clearance Certificate in South Africa, this comprehensive guide will provide you with authoritative information on the process. Whether you’re wondering about the processing time, cost, or conducting a free criminal record check, we’ve got you covered.

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 Tracking Your Police Clearance Certificate Online

If you need an urgent Police Clearance Certificate, tracking its progress is vital. Here’s how you can do it online:

  1. Enter Your Enquiry Number: Visit the official South African Police Service (SAPS) website at SAPS Certificate Tracking and enter your unique enquiry number. Ensure not to use the backslash in the reference number.
  2. Provide Identification: Depending on your citizenship status, provide either your South African identity number or your date of birth in the specified format (yyymmdd, for example, 19841118, where 1984 represents the year, 11 signifies November, and 18 signifies the day). If your record isn’t found based on your ID, include your surname and date of birth.

By following these steps, you can efficiently track your Police Clearance Certificate, even if you require it urgently.

Additional Information About Police Clearance Certificates

  • Processing Time: Wondering how long it takes to get a Police Clearance Certificate in South Africa? On average, the processing time is approximately 14 working days.
  • Certificate Validity: Remember, a Police Clearance Certificate is valid for a period of six months from the date of issue.
  • Cost of Police Clearance: If you’re curious about the cost, a Police Clearance Certificate in South Africa is priced at R160.00.

 Conducting a Free Criminal Record Check

If you want to conduct a free criminal record check with your ID number in South Africa, you can use the SAPS website. This check will provide you with valuable information regarding your criminal record.

Need More Assistance?

For urgent inquiries or further assistance regarding your Police Clearance Certificate, you can reach out to the Police Clearance offices using the following details:

Staying informed about your Police Clearance Certificate, including urgent applications, costs, and conducting free criminal record checks, is vital, and this guide ensures you have all the information and tools at your disposal to obtain and manage your certificate efficiently.