How to check Title Deads Online South Africa

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The Deeds Office is responsible for the registration, management and maintenance of the property registry of South Africa. You can obtain the title deeds records by visiting the Deeds office physically or by using the online tools as per below.

Check Title Deads Online South Africa

To obtain a copy of a deed or document from a deeds registry, or to find out who owns a house in South Africa, you must: go to any deeds office, pay the required fees, or request a search on the property online via DeedsWEB.

You can get information from the deeds registry on the following:

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  • the registered owner of a property
  • the conditions affecting such property
  • interdicts and contracts in respect of the property
  • purchase price of the property
  • rules of a sectional title scheme
  • a copy of an antenuptial contract (ANC), deeds of servitude, mortgage bonds
  • a copy of a sectional title plan or the rules of a Sectional

Before you can obtain information, you must have the following ready:

  • Full names and/or identity number of the owner of property, or at least his or her date of birth. (In the case of a juristic person, the name and registration number, if available, is necessary.)
  • The correct erf number and township or farm name and number, not the street address. (In the case of a sectional title scheme, the section and the scheme name are required.)

To obtain a copy of a deed or document from a deeds registry, you must

  • go to any deeds office (deeds registries may not give out information acting on a letter or a telephone call)
  • go to the information desk where an official will help you to complete a prescribed form and explain the procedure
  • request a search on the property, and
  • pay the required fee at the cashier’s office. The receipt number will be allocated to your copy of title.

Information can also be accessed electronically through Deedsweb.

For more information on the deeds registry call 0800 007 095 or visit your nearest Deeds office. my deed search

Verification of registration of property is achieved by requesting from any Deeds Office a computer printout for the registration facts in respect of the property concerned or, in the case of registered users of the DeedsWEB, by obtaining the said computer printout from the DeedsWEB.

DeedsWEB has a web-based application used to provide all registered users with property information stored on the Deeds Registration System (DRS), including tracking status for all transactions within the Deeds Registration process. This application further provides users with a platform to perform different searches and provides search results by generating reports that are availed to the client at a specific cost. This application can also be accessed via the internet through desktops, Android or IOS internet enabled devic