How to register an NPO online in South Africa

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To register an NPO online, visit and under the heading “Top Tasks,” click on “Register an NPO.” Alternatively, you can go directly to the web application interface.

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Here, you will find the online form where you need to provide your organisation’s details, including name, type, financial period, contact person and details, and physical and/or postal address.

Once you fill in the details, click “Next” on the bottom right corner of the page to proceed. You will now need to provide details of the office bearers your NPO will have. There must be at least three office bearers and their details include name and surname, ID/passport number, and contact/address.

Click “Next” once you have supplied all the information. Follow the prompts in the subsequent sections until you complete your application for registration.

You’re also likely to receive email confirmation with further details, including processing times (usually two months), reference number and how to receive your registration certificate once the application is approved.

Check your status

To check the registration status of your NPO, visit and under the heading “Top Tasks,” look for “Check the Status of an Organisation.” Fill in the NPO name or APP number in the space provided and click “Find.”