How to use FNB Fitbit Pay

A wallet on your wrist. Set up the Fitbit app, link it with your FNB card and you’re ready to pay with the ease of a tap. Don’t worry – it’s completely secure with a passcode and 24-hour authentication measures.

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FNB Fitbit Pay will work on Visa cards issued through FNB at any compatible contactless payment terminal.

How to set up FNB Fitbit Pay

  1. Make sure your Fitbit app is updated, and go into Fitbit Versa Settings
  2. Choose the Wallet option under Settings
  3. Follow instructions to add your card. You will need to add a OTP to verify it.
  4. Long press the left key on your Fitbit Versa (or Ionic) to bring up your card. You’re all set.

Please note, the PIN code is to prevent others from making payments using your watch.

Every time you wear your Fitbit you will be required to enter this 4-digit PIN. For your security, the Fitbit stays in an authenticated mode for 24 hours or until you take your Fitbit watch off your wrist.

You can switch cards anytime on the Fitbit mobile App and your card number/details will never be stored on your device or Fitbit services. When you pay, your card numbers/details will never be shared by Fitbit merchants.