Online Masters Office Deceased Estate Portal South Africa Search 2024

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Search for Deceased Estates Online. Online Masters Office Deceased Estate Portal South Africa through the Master’s Integrated Case Management System (ICMS) Web Portal is used to track trust and estate administration matters online. The portal is operated by the Chief Master of the High Court and provides information on the status of estates, including the reference number, the Master’s Office that is handling the estate, and the name of the executor.

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To use the portal, you will need to create an account and provide some basic information, such as your name and contact details. Once you have created an account, you can search for deceased estates by name, surname, or reference number.

ICMS Masters Web Potal

Master’s portal login is

The ICMS Masters connects more than 400 magistrates’ offices (deceased estate service points) and all 14 of the Masters´ Offices.

A nominated executor will for instance be able to establish whether a later or earlier will was lodged with the master’s office before he proceeds with the administration of the


How to Track Deceased estates online through the ICMS Master Web portal

  1. Log Onto
  2. You can search for least one of the following parameters to narrow your search results.
  • Deceased Surname
  • Deceased Identity / Passport Number
  • Deceased First Names
  • Date of Birth
  • Date of Death From and Date of Death To
  • Masters Office
  • Estate File Number
  • Place of Death
  • Estate Status (Closed, Inactive, Open)
  1. Retrieve Information:
    • After performing a search, the portal should provide information about the deceased estate(s) you are interested in. This information may include details about the estate’s status, administrator, heirs, assets, and liabilities.
  2. Access Documents:
    • You may have the option to access relevant documents and records associated with the deceased estate, such as wills, court orders, and inventories. Be sure to follow the portal’s instructions for accessing these documents.
  3. Monitor Updates:
    • The ICMS Master Web portal may provide the option to monitor updates and changes to the estate’s status and documentation. This can help you stay informed about any developments in the estate administration process.

The Chief Master of the High Court has established a helpline where more information can be obtained. The number of this helpline is 012 406 4805 or e-mails can be directed to

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