SASSA Musina Contact Details

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In the vibrant town of Musina, the SASSA (South African Social Security Agency) Offices serve as a crucial resource for individuals seeking information and assistance with various grant applications. Whether you’re in need of Child Support, Social Relief of Distress, Disability, Foster Child, Older Persons/Senior Citizen, Grant-In-Aid, Care Dependency, or War Veterans Grant, the Musina SASSA Offices are there to help. This detailed guide will provide you with comprehensive information on the grants available, the services provided, and how to get in touch.

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Detailed List of Grants Available

  1. Child Support Grant: This grant is designed to provide financial support to caregivers for the well-being of children in need.
  2. Social Relief of Distress: For those facing temporary crises and unable to meet their family’s basic needs, this grant offers essential support.
  3. Disability Grant: Individuals with disabilities who meet the criteria can apply for this grant to help them lead a dignified life.
  4. Foster Child Grant: This grant supports caregivers looking after children who are not their biological offspring.
  5. Older Persons/Senior Citizen Grant: For senior citizens who’ve reached retirement age and require financial assistance, this grant offers vital support.
  6. Grant-In-Aid: Grant-In-Aid provides financial relief to individuals who require assistance in their daily lives due to a disability or chronic illness.
  7. Care Dependency Grant: Caregivers who support dependents with severe disabilities may apply for this grant to aid in caregiving expenses.
  8. War Veterans Grant: This grant is for individuals who’ve served in the armed forces and need support for their sacrifices.

For Detailed Information on SASSA and Grants:

For comprehensive information on SASSA and the various grants available, please visit the official SASSA website at


For assistance with grant applications, inquiries, or any other SASSA-related information, you can visit the Musina SASSA Offices at the following location:

  • Address: 806 Isaac Singo St, Messina-Nancefield, Musina, 0900

In the heart of Musina, the SASSA Offices are ready to serve the community and provide essential support through a range of grants. Don’t hesitate to reach out and access the assistance you need to improve your quality of life and ensure your well-being.