Where to apply for an RDP House in Durban

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To apply for a government subsidy house, take the following documents to the provincial office of the Department of Human Settlements at 203 Church Street, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

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You need to bring the following documents with you

  • Applicant and spouse’s identity documents (green book or ID card),
  • Certified copies of birth certificates of children,
  • Proof of income if working, eg pay slip.

RDP House Application Forms Durban

You will be asked to fill in a housing subsidy application form and will then be registered on the Municipal Housing Demands Database – this is a “waiting list”. Only once a housing development is completed and if you are next on the list, will you be given keys and a title deed to your home – but it can take many years.

City Hall, 263 Dr Pixley Ka Seme St
Durban 4000
Tel: 031 311 1111
Email: sizakala@durban.gov.za

Monday-Friday 8 am to 5 pm