What happens if I do not withdraw my SASSA money

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It’s crucial to be aware that if you do not transact on your SASSA Account for 3 (three) consecutive months, your account shall become ‘dormant’ and eventually lapse. This dormancy rule applies to a range of SASSA grants, including those for older persons, disability, war veterans, care dependency, foster child, child support, grant-in-aid, and social relief of distress.

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The Grant Dormancy Period

SASSA actively encourages grant beneficiaries to collect their social grants monthly, and they take steps to inform beneficiaries in advance before their grants lapse. This proactive approach ensures that beneficiaries are well-informed and have the opportunity to maintain the active status of their grants.

Restoring Lapsed SASSA Grants

Beneficiaries who find themselves in a situation where their grant has lapsed have the opportunity to apply for the restoration of their grants within 90 days from the date of the lapsing. This window of 90 days serves as a lifeline to ensure that beneficiaries do not face undue hardships due to a lapse in their grants.

Unclaimed SASSA  Grants

However, it’s important to note that if a beneficiary does not apply for the restoration of their social grant within the 90-day suspension period, it may be interpreted as unclaimed. In such cases, the grant will lapse, and the beneficiary will need to make a new application if they wish to reinstate the grant.

Grant  Restoration Process

The application for the restoration of a lapsed grant must be supported by a letter from SASSA, explaining the reason for the decision to suspend or lapse the grant. This process is in place to ensure transparency and fairness, allowing beneficiaries to understand the circumstances and reasons behind the suspension.

Maintaining an active SASSA Account is crucial for individuals who depend on these grants to meet their daily needs. By ensuring that you collect your social grants regularly and responding promptly if your grant is at risk of lapsing, you can secure your financial support from SASSA and continue to receive the assistance you depend on.

In summary, the SASSA dormancy and restoration process is designed to protect the interests of beneficiaries while also ensuring that social grants are distributed efficiently. By staying informed and taking the necessary steps to restore a lapsed grant within the stipulated period, beneficiaries can avoid any interruptions in their financial support. SASSA remains committed to providing assistance and support to those in need, and this process is a part of that commitment.